The Tumby Bay Hotel first opened in March 1904 by the original licensee, Mr Sydney F Potter. Originally the hotel was only single story until around 1908 when the second floor was added. Considering the remote location, lack of power tools and construction equipment this was quite an amazing venture of construction for its day and its structure still stands strong today.

For more than one hundred years, the hotel has been fondly referred to by the locals as “The Red Roof” for no other reason than its big red roof! Although passed down through many generations and sold to others the pub has never lost it’s touch with the locals.

Joe (Adrian) came to Tumby Bay as a past South Adelaide football player. Originally from Moonta on the York Peninsula, he purchased the hotel in 1990 with his sister and brother in law. Joe spent some time travelling the world and when he came back he met local born and bred girl, Charmaine, whose family has a strong history in business within the Tumby Bay District and Eyre Peninsula. They have been working together to build and maintain the standards of all aspects of The Red Roof for many years. Joe and Charmaine are now the sole owners of the hotel and pride themselves on their small part of the community, their staff and the service are part of what makes the hotel so popular and something they are both very proud of.

They have had many exciting renovations and new buildings added such as the beer garden, front bar patio and the seafront apartments. They are also a happy and proud recipient of a beautiful mural painted on the side of one of the seafront apartments during the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival!

 The Tumby Bay Hotel is such a huge part of the Tumby Bay and surrounding communities being proud sponsors of sporting clubs and associations around the community. They also hire many of the school kids who live throughout the community, giving them a chance to step into the workforce in a professional and welcoming environment.

There is a wonderful collection of historical photographs and information about the hotel and the district in our foyer. If you would like to see more please feel free to take a closer looking during your visit.

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